Catch Can Drain Kit, Nuke

Catch Can Drain Kit, Nuke


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Catch Can Drain Kit on mugav lisa Nuke karterituulutuse paakide tühjendamiseks. Sobib kõigi Nuke Performance Catch Can’dega.

Petcock Drain Kit for Nuke Performance Universal Oil Catch Cans with 1/4″ drainage port for remote drainage.

1/4″ Drain kit to use with Nuke Performance Universal Catch Can / Oil Breathers. Easy drainage of the Catch Can is possible with this kit, includes everything you need to get the most out of your Catch Can.

Included within the Drain Kit:
• Petcock Ball Valve with 1/4″ thread
• 2 m/6 ft 8mm hose included
• Heat-resistant valve and hose, perfect for mounting within the engine bay

The Petcock Ball Valve mounts directly to the bottom of the Nuke Performance Catch Cans, stable mounting that does not require any other brackets. With the included 2 m / 6ft 8mm hose you can route the residual products to, for example, the wheelhouse, below the engine or other location where it is easy to collect the residual products without having to disassemble the Catch Can from the vehicle.

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