MHD Super license, BMW N55e

MHD Super license, BMW N55e


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Pakume MHD Super litsentse BMW autodele. 
Tegemist on ainult tarkvara litsentsiga. MHD Super Litsents ei sisalda auto juhtaju programmeerimiseks vajalikku OBD2 adaptrit, tarkvara paigaldust, ega auto testimist.
Pakume eraldi nii sobivaid OBD2 adaptreid, kui ka vajadusel tarkvara paigaldamise ja tuningu testimise teenust meie dünos.
Paigaldatud litsents on seotud konkreetse auto VIN koodiga. MHD flash on võimalik eemaldada autolt, kuid seda ei ole võimalik enam edasi müüa ja kasutada teisel autol.

MHD Super Litsents sisaldab OTS tuningu mappe (Off The Shelf – ehk valmis softid, ehk nö “riiuli tuningu softid”. Võrdluseks, kui meie seadistame ja testime autosid, siis teeme seda individuaalselt kliendi konkreetse auto järgi). Samuti võimaldab MHD litsents kasutajal endal customiseerida erinevaid funktsioone (loe täpsemalt all kirjeldusest), võimaldab integreerida lisaseadmeid (Flex Fuel, Motiv Reflex), võimaldab live data monitooringut ja logimist, diagnostikat, multimap setupi jpm.

Ka MHD patchiga on võimalik teha custom, ehk individuaalset seadistamist. Selline vajadus võib tekkida juhul, kui soovitakse mõnda MHD lisafunktsiooni (näiteks multimap) koos individuaalselt seadistatud softiga, või mõnda integratsiooni (näiteks Flex Fuel või Motiv Reflex), või ebastandardse raua (turbo, kütusepump, pihustid, nukkvõllid jms) custom seadistust.
NB! Individuaalselt ja kvaliteetselt dünos tehtud seadistus võimaldab alati paremat tulemust ja turvalisemat seadistust, kui valmis OTS tuning.

Litsents ja vajalik OBD2 adapter on laokaup. Tule osta ja tuuni oma autot ise kasvõi kohe!


The MHD Flasher N55 E-Series is a complete flash tuning app for your BMW. Unlike a piggyback module, it is capable of complete DME remapping while retaining all OEM safety mechanisms. This allows for maximum performance,maximum safety, and unrivaled drivability.

You can install MHD right at home and start tuning immediately! Simply download the MHD Flasher N55-E app that connects via our MHD Wireless Adapter to your Apple iOS or Android device and your vehicle’s OBD-II port, start the app, and within 7 minutes the initial installation is complete. Further map changes are much faster – only 60 seconds! You can revert your vehicle to the factory OEM flash at any point, and no initial backup is necessary.

The Super Licence provides all the available MHD functionalities in one package:

  • Flasher License: 
    The Flasher License unlocks the ability to flash with MHD (MHD OTS maps, JB4 backend maps and custom maps) 

    1. Stage 0 stock power (all flash options can be added)
    2. Reading / Deleting Engines Codes + Adaptions Reset

    Available flash options: 
    – Exhaust burble (Duration base and sport mode, aggressiveness, min. rpm, min. speed) 
    – Kick-Down Deactivation
    – Cold start noise reduction
    – Variable Coolant Targets – Top speed limiter (Vmax) removal 
    – Linear Throttle Mapping
    – Individual Minimum Idle RPM
    – Support for several aftermarket parts
  • Monitor License:
    Monitor your engine behavior to make sure it is running perfectly using a configurable and very responsive gauge layout with up to 8 fully adjustable gauges. 50+ engine parameters are available at a glance and are logged in the background! Activate the logging mode to save the data to a standard CSV file for later analysis using the built in log viewer. Additionally, we will happily provide free logs analysis.

    These are some of the available monitors: Boost, Boost Target, Lambda (AFR), Intake Air Temp (IAT), Ignition Timing per Cylinder, Coolant Temperature, Oil Temperature, Oil Pressure, Transmission Temperature, High Pressure Fuel Pump (HPFP), Throttle Position, Wastegate Duty-Cycle (WGDC), RPM, Speed, EGT etc.

    Advanced parameters that are not exposed by BMW are available for fine monitoring and tuning (depending on the DME software version if MHD is not flashed) like Timing Corrections per Cylinder, Boost setpoint, Active torque limiter etc.

All MHD OTS maps by Twisted Tuning:
We offer a wide selection of OTS maps for the N55 engine suitable for many different vehicle modifications and octane levels. They have been extensively road and dyno tested, just flash and go!

    • Stage 1 (up to 335HP/520NM) – 91oct/95ron, 93oct/98ron, 95oct/102ron, for stock cars.
    • Stage 1+ (up to 350HP/590NM) – 91oct/95ron, 93oct/98ron, 95oct/102ron, FMIC recommended.
    • Stage 2 (up to 360HP/550NM) – 91oct/95ron, 93oct/98ron, 95oct/102ron, high-flow downpipes recommended.
    • Stage 2+ (up to 390HP/650NM) – 91oct/95ron, 93oct/98ron, 95oct/102ron, high-flow downpipes + FMIC recommended.
    • Ethanol Mix Maps: stage 2+ E30 Map for ethanol blends of 30%+

    Supported Devices:

    • Apple iOS 10.2 and higher
    • Android 6 and higher

    Supported Adapters / Cables (available separately):

    • MHD WIFI Adapter (MHD Universal & Black MHD WIFI only, Recommended for iOS & Android)
    • KDCan Cable + OTG Adapter (Android only)

      Supported Cars: 
    • BMW e8x 135i/135ix
    • BMW e9x 335i/335ix
    • BMW e84 X1 35i
    • BMW e70 X5 35i
    • BMW e71 X6 35i
      X-Drive is supported on all cars.

    *Cars with newest BMW software require a DME bench unlock in order to unlock OBD flashing!
    For off road use only!

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