paneel õhufilter, Porsche 996/997, BMC

paneel õhufilter, Porsche 996/997, BMC


paneel õhufilter, Porsche 996/997, BMC

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BMC Model adapted air filters
BMC Air Filter is one of the worldwide leaders in the production of air filters for the automotive sector, both road and racing. The BMC filters are designed and produced to ensure a higher airflow than original filters, on  certain applications producing less than half the pressure drop when compared to paper filters. In comparison, BMC air filters allow more air into the engine while providing better protection!
This filter has a pre-oiled cotton filtering element, built upon a metallic mesh with a multilayer cotton filtration media. This cotton filter material that encourages the passage of a large air flow but, through the combination of different layers with low-viscosity oil, will stop all impurities from 7 micron and bigger (Synthetic filters usually stop particles the size of 80 micron and up). They are also suitable for engines with air flow sensors. Currently, this concept is the best solution for both a more effective filtration and for higher performance.
The red rubber used to produce this filter is especially heat and shock resistant. All model adapted filters are made to fit without modification on each given application.
All BMC filters are washable and regenerable. We offer BMC original cleaning and regeneration kit.

PORSCHE 911 (996)
3.6 H6 GT2 (462hp) 01-03
3.6 H6 GT2 (483hp) 03-06
3.6 H6 GT3 (360hp) 99-01
3.6 H6 GT3 (381hp) 02-06
3.6 H6 GT3 RS (381hp) 02-06
3.6 H6 Turbo (420hp) 00-06
3.6 H6 Turbo (X50 package) (450hp) 02-06
3.6 H6 Turbo Cabriolet (420hp) 04-06
3.6 H6 Turbo S (450hp) 05-06
3.6 H6 Turbo S Cabriolet (450hp) 05-06

PORSCHE 911 (997)
3.6 H6 GT3 (415hp) 06-09
3.6 H6 GT3 RS (415hp) 06-09

PORSCHE 911 (997.2)
3.8 H6 GT3 (435hp) 09-11

OEM: 996.110.131.70; 996.110.131.71

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