pidurikolvid, BMW M Perf esimesed, Millway


pidurikolvid, BMW M Perf esimesed, Millway


Roostevaba terasest pidurikolvid BMW M Performance eesmistele pidurisadulatele. Kasutatakse F-seeria M2/3/4, 135/140, 240, 340, 440 esimestel piduri sadulatel.

Tarne tavaliselt 3-5pv


Diamond polished Stainless steel brake caliper pistons for front brake calipers.

In all standard blue m-brakes it is aluminium pistions that will melt down by the heat from track use. With theese stainless steel pistons you can run your brakes much hotter without problems. Also airgaps to help cool the area between the brakepad and piston.

Note that this is made for track use and has no dust seals.

Price for 8 pistons.

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