Polüpuks, BMW F20/22/30/32 XD esisild tagumine, Strongflex Sport


Polüpuks, BMW F20/22/30/32 XD esisild tagumine, Strongflex Sport


BMW 1/2/3/4 F-seeria X-drive ülekandega autodele.
Esisilla tagumine polüuretaanist puks. Strongflex Sport (90Sha).

NB! Autole vajalik kogus 2tk, 1tk hind.

OEM koodid: 31126854727, 31126854728

Strongflexil toodab 2 erineva jäikusega polüuretaanist pukse: Strongflex Street (80ShA, punast värvi) ja Stronflex Sport (90ShA, kollast värvi).

  • RED color – hardness of about 80 ShA* – suspension components have a hardness similar to the original metal-rubber bushes. However, strength of the polyurethane is many times greater, and the unique properties ensure long lasting comfort. Our RED products we recommend for all the “normal” car users who want improve stability and better driving.
  • YELLOW color – hardness of about 90 ShA* – recommended for racing-sports vehicles, tuned.. etc. The suspension is much stiffer, as at higher speeds is important. Durability ensures stability of polyurethane suspension for many years.

Tarne tavaliselt 3-5pv

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