vahejahuti, Audi RS3 8V 8Y / TT RS 8S MERA Bigpack, Do88

vahejahuti, Audi RS3 8V 8Y / TT RS 8S MERA Bigpack, Do88

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vahejahuti, Audi RS3 8V 8Y, Do88


Upgrade the performance of your Audi RS3 8V with the do88 BigPack!

This comprehensive package includes both our do88 performance intercooler and charge pipe kit, delivering unmatched performance and reliability. If you have high horsepower goals and demand the absolute best, this kit is tailored for you.

By upgrading to our performance intercooler alone, you’ll experience a significant improvement. However, when combined with our charge pipe kit, the enhancement is even more substantial. Our charge pipes offer considerably better airflow and durability compared to OEM.

The do88 intercooler in this BigPack features a gigantic 97mm thick core intercooler manufactured by Garrett which is rated up to 1000hp. It’s designed for maximum air flow and low intake temperatures. This intercooler is perfect for high-performance and track vehicles. The intercooler core uses advanced aerospace technology for efficient heat transfer and our custom designed end tanks distribute air flow evenly over the core. Our 80mm machined hose connections far exceed the OE 70mm hose connections, eliminating those air flow bottlenecks. Regardless of your vehicle’s current setup, this intercooler kit promises a substantial improvement in performance.

The included do88 charge pipe kit is designed to complement and improve the performance of the do88 Performance Intercooler. The OEM charge pipes have several inefficient bends and do not have a performance-optimized design. Our charge pipes is both significantly larger and fully flow-optimized, making it flow 31% more than the OEM!

On the hot side (Turbo->Intercooler) our kit features a large 70mm (2 ¾”) aluminum pipe that does not have the restrictive flat design found between the engine and the inner wheelhouse as on the OEM pipe. On the cold side (Intercooler->Throttle body) our cast aluminum charge pipe runs all the way from the throttle body down to the intercooler outlet. This pipe has a huge 86mm hose connection towards the intercooler compared to the OEM’s 64mm. This connection matches the inner diameter of the do88 Performance Intercooler’s large 80mm hose connection. The pipe also features two CNC-machined 1/8 NPT connections, perfect for methanol injection or outlets for example boost pressure sensors.

All hoses included are reinforced with 4 layers making them withstand high boost pressures and temperatures. The hoses have a stepped inside at the pipe connections for a smooth transition between hose and pipe, which effectively reduces turbulence for the air flow. The hoses are delivered with strong hose clamps for a secure and leak-free assembly.


  • Increased core volume: 118% Larger than OEM. 18102cm3 compared to 8307cm3!
  • Increased active cooling area: 80% larger cooling area than OEM, 1866 cm2 compared to 1038 cm2!
  • Lower inlet air temperature under identical conditions: 23°C compared to OEM 55°C. Impressive 32°C lower! Exact figures to be found in the diagrams under product pictures.
  • Increased airflow, lower pressure drop: @ 0,125 bar / 1,81 psi pressure drop: 412 CFM (314 CFM), 31% higher! Precise CFM values available in the diagrams under product pictures.
  • High-density, motorsport-grade Bar&Plate cores from Garrett, capable of handling 1000hp.
  • Unique 3D, freeform-designed cast end tanks.
  • Chromoly crash beam that doesn’t obstruct ambient airflow. Naturally this crash bar has not had any formal crash test done and it may not meet road legality standards, but the durability of this crash bar makes it ideal for those building a high-performance track car.
  • Mandrel-bent 70mm (2 ¾”) charge pipe Turbo to Intercooler coated in a stylish black powder coat.
  • Cast aluminum charge pipe that runs all the way between the intercooler outlet and the throttle body. The pipe is significantly larger than the OEM and with beautifully sweeping transitions. It also eliminates two potential leak points.
  • Two CNC-machined 1/8 NPT connections, perfect for methanol injection or outlets for example boost pressure sensors.
  • Special designed pressure hoses that can handle high boost pressures and temperatures.
  • Comes complete with all necessary installation accessories.

Boost your Audi RS3 8V’s performance with the do88 BigPack!


Audi RS3 Sportback (8V)
Model years: 2016-
Engine: 2.5 TFSI /  362hp / CZGB

Audi RS3 Sportback/Sedan (8V)
Model years: 2017-
Engine: 2.5 TFSI /  400hp / DAZA

Audi RS3 Sportback/Sedan (8Y)
Model years: 2021-
Engine: 2.5 TFSI /  400hp / DNWA

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